Vet Victims

Thankfully, there are many knowledgeable, good vets who have your pet’s interests in mind. However, after this experience, my guardian learned that there are a plethora of bad vets who treat animals cruelly. Unfortunately, the vet industry all too often ignores complaints, even when the evidence is compelling. This is mostly because pets (animals) are viewed as property, even though we are loving family members.

What should you do if you become a vet victim? Here are some suggestions*:

1. Verify credentials with the appropriate places: call the college where the vet claims to have received his/her veterinary degree; call the specialty board that the vet claims to have be a diplomat of. Just because it is in a website or business card, does not make it true. Check it out!

2. Get your pet’s medical record – the entire record – not just summaries. Keep COPIES of everything!

3. Gather witnesses (expert witnesses or eyewitnesses).

4. Put your complaint in writing, stating facts, to the vet board in your state. Tell them it is a formal complaint and you expect an answer.

5. Send a copy to the Attorney General, Consumer Protection agency, your state’s VMA.

6. Copy an animal watchdog organization (like  ALDF).

7. If the vet broke the law, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

8. If you paid by credit card, dispute the charges with the credit card company and explain the facts of why you are doing this (you will need a letter from your new vet or an expert vet stating that the first vet acted incorrectly).

9. If you are owed money, file in small claims court (no lawyer needed) or in Superior Court (lawyer needed).

10. If gross abuse occurred report the vet to the police and your local animal cruelty hotline (keep in mind in most states veterinarians are excluded from animal abuse laws).

Visit the ALDF’s website for more information and guidance

Remember, if it happened to you, it most likely happened to others. Being upset and appalled will do nothing if you do not complain to the appropriate agencies. Only by reporting the bad actions is there a chance that the behavior will stop. Animals lives are counting on you.

* This is not legal advice.  We are not attorneys or qualified to give legal advice.



Disclaimer: “Lisa Taylor-Austin believes there was merit to her claims that Dr. Deforge negligently cared for her cat, Simba, and that he misrepresented whether he was a Board-certified dental specialist.  Dr. Deforge denies these claims and asserts that the Department of Public Health’s veterinary board cleared him of any wrong doing. However, Dr Deforge agreed to pay $7,500.00 to compensate Ms. Taylor-Austin because he believed the risks inherent in any lawsuit and the cost of missing two weeks from his practice made it imprudent to go to trial.”

Note: My guardian’s costs for my medical care and all legal avenues exceeded $20,000.

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